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Romy Titus is acknowledged as one of the leading sports Journalists in the world, by the Laureus Sports Foundation for her contribution in sport. She’s tasked with the tough job of being a media-judge and casting her vote to select the winners at this prestigious event for the past 5 years.
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The Rebirth of Me

The Rebirth of Me

New Year is a fresh start. Out with the old and in with the new they say.

Every year I want to change, every year I want to take the fresh start more seriously than the last and every year I manage to do something new and exciting and then it all fades – like all New Year’s resolutions do. Somewhere in the middle of the year the resolutions grow mould and die! But there’s always a but… But not this year!

This year I’m wanting to really start afresh…

So much so that I think the birth of my daughter encouraged me to re-birth myself in so many spheres. Spiritually, physically and mentally.

The newness of her life, inspired me to hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE when it comes to things that no longer serve me and whether they be people or things, it’s really time for a spring clean. I think when you have a family, there’s so much to consider that the extra riff raff is just too much to lug around and so I’m deleting what does not serve me. I’m deleting firstly my own thoughts of limits I set for myself. I have a way of looking around me first and then comparing myself to others and then shooting myself down with a mega list of things that go way into the minus. I’m scrapping people, places and things that have in some way or the other not served me and my purpose. They’re all gone! All of it!

But then with this New Year, I wanted some sort of process that I wanted to go through to feel like I’ve entered this new phase… this new moon… this new me that was about to awaken and take down 2018! I decided to head off to the Thai Massage Spa, where I often go and asked for the therapist that that I usually book with. What I didn’t know was that this particular massage was about to be my rebirth!

I had been battling a migraine for 4 days by the time I walked through the doors at Reflexions.

I’m not the type that likes weak massages that feel like I’m oiling my body. Getting a massage to me means that every knot is knead until it no longer lives. The therapist made sure that – that was her duty as she did her ‘Jackie Chan’ manouvres on my already aching body. She used her heels to dig at the knots in my shoulder blades. Her arms became rolling pins on my back, legs and arms. At some point she stood on me with such force that I wasn’t sure whether to breathe or to resist my sternum touching the floor. It felt like my bones were turning to ash and while I was trying to be brave feeling like a grape being stomped on – I kept telling myself at the end of this Romy, you’re going to feel like a million bucks. Suck it up woman!!!!! I was also lying there thinking how am I going to relay this story, of how I almost died on the massage table. Okay, slight exaggeration but it did cross my mind…

I think by the 60 minute mark – I was as supple as a baby. The spasms were gone in my shoulders, the migraine turned into a mild headache and I was starting to melt into the mattress beneath me. I lay there thinking that she’s managed to pummel out of me the last signs of stress of 2017! They no longer exist. And as I emerged from the cubicle feeling battered and bruised from the massage war – I also felt fresh and free!

So here’s to the rebirth of me!

Mentally, spiritually, physically and even virtually with my brand new website!
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