Romy Titus | Babies Behind Bars
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Babies Behind Bars

She never thought her career would have a direct influence on her starting a charity, but the two collided in a beautiful way, and her charity ‘Babies Behind Bars’ was born in 2007.

The work started way before that though, with Romy’s first introduction to children behind bars when she was sent to cover a Christmas party for prison children in 2000.

Having combed the country’s crime landscape from shootouts, murders, brutal killings, rape cases and suicides. She had encountered it all as a hard news journalist, but nothing she had previously experienced compared to how her heart felt seeing innocent young infants and toddlers locked up for crimes they did not commit. It had moved her so much that years later she started an NGO to assist these mothers raise their children and ensure that while they are behind bars – they’re as happy and healthy as they can be.

She often uses her days growing up in the back yard playing in the sand and making mud cakes some of her happiest times and she wanted these little people to experience some of that fun too, to feel the sun on their faces and grass under their feet and to be able to look back saying that they too had a happy memory – albeit it in prison.

She divides her time between juggling her career as a TV and radio host, being a mommy to her daughter Hera and part-time mommy to thousands of children in prisons in South Africa and beyond its borders and understands how important it is to fully commit to all the roles she juggles.

“While I could empathise with mothers while I wasn’t one, and I tried as best to understand their struggle. Now as a mother it’s like all my senses have kicked in and I have a new look on prison life for mother and baby, because I’m a mother.”

Romy dedicates the charity to a young baby who died. She had covered a story in Dube Soweto, where only the head of the baby was found in the road and some remains found later on a dump, eaten by dogs. She uses her charity to assist children to who still have a lease on life be better – unlike ‘Dube’ who didn’t stand a chance.

To lend a hand, make a donation or to book Romy as a key note speaker where all proceeds go towards the charity – visit the platforms below

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