Romy Titus | Freelance Brodcast Journalist (TV & Radio)
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About Romy

The Media Mo-Girl

Romy Titus is acknowledged as one of the leading sports Journalists in the world, by the Laureus Sports Foundation for her contribution in sport. She’s tasked with the tough job of being a media-judge and casting her vote to select the winners at this prestigious event for the past 5 years.


Experience in the industry over the years

Work With Me

A career that spans more than 17 years

From breaking news and current affairs, football stadiums and boxing rings at fever pitch, to keynote adresses at corporate events, my passion is communicating, finding the story and getting it to you live and seamlessly. Having been at it for more than 17 years, I’d love to work with you and share some of the tools of my trade.

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I have a lot I’d like to share with you! Check out my blog.

Contact Me

Would you like to get in touch with me or book me for an event? Get in touch